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Public Safety Information Operator

The Dade City Police Department has four full-time and two part-time Public Safety Information Operators (PSIO). An additional full-time operator serves as the communications coordinator.

The Dade City Police Department is part of consolidated communications with Pasco County, which is responsible for answering 9-1-1 calls. Our employees are responsible for around-the-clock staffing of the communications center, answering all non-emergency calls made to the center. Operators prioritize calls by importance and dispatch officers accordingly; enter all stolen property, missing or endangered persons, and 'Be On Look Out' (BOLO) notifications into the FCIC/NCIC systems; and conduct checks for warrants, criminal histories, domestic violence injunctions, sexual offender status, drivers' license and vehicle registration checks through this center. A computer-aided dispatch system is utilized to maintain a record of calls for service as well as their respective disposition. 

PSIO’s coordinate communication between other law enforcement agencies as well as Pasco County Fire Rescue and the members of the Dade City Police Department. The communication center also provides after-hours dispatch and coordination for the City of Dade City Public Works Department and serves as backup for the countywide Emergency 9-1-1 system should a problem occur at the main county center.

Meet the Team:

Shane Kaszuba - Public Safety Information Coordinator
Phone: (352) 521-1490
Email: skaszuba@dadecityfl.com

Leeanna Clark - Public Safety Information Operator 
Phone: (352) 521-1490
Email: lclark@dadecityfl.com

Gail Burkett - Public Safety Information Operator
Phone: (352) 521-1490
Email: gburkett@dadecityfl.com

Leann Hindman- Public Safety Information Operator

Phone: (352) 521-1490
Email:  lhindman@dadecityfl.com

Kenneth Bryant - Public Safety Information Operator (P/T)
Phone: (352) 521-1490
Email: kbryant@dadecityfl.com

Jacob Burke - Public Safety Information Operator (P/T)
Phone: (352) 521-1490
Email: jburke@dadecityfl.com

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