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Criminal Investigation Division

The Dade City Police Department has three full-time detectives responsible for investigating all major crimes that occur within the city limits. Each detective is on-call for one week at a time (twenty six weeks per year) and is required to respond to any major crime scene. They also cover special details within the city and are sometimes assigned to patrol to help cover open shifts in that division.

The detectives conduct neighborhood watch meetings, crime prevention seminars, and serve as liaisons between the Department and various task forces to accommodate the needs of the community. They also serve as Department representatives when the Emergency Operations Center is activated.

Meet the Team:

Det. George A. Richardson
Phone: (352) 521-1495
Email: grichardson@dadecityfl.com

Det. Troy Fulford
Phone: (352) 521-1495
Email: troyfulford@dadecityfl.com

Crime Analyst

The Dade City Police Department utilizes one part time Crime Analyst. This position is currently filled by a Saint Leo University student with extensive analytical experience from his work in the United States Marine Corps. In this position, the Analyst studies crime trends and tracks various indicators, assisting the Criminal Investigations Detectives in developing persons of interest thus increasing their solvability rate.

Meet the Team:

Vacant - Vacant

Property / Evidence

The Dade City Police Department has one full-time crime scene technician, responsible for the processing of all major crime scenes within the city limits and transportation of evidence to the FDLE lab in Tampa for more extensive processing if beyond the department’s capability.

The crime scene technician is also responsible for logging and handling property and evidence turned in by the police officers. The technician releases stolen property back to respective owners when it has been recovered or found and turned in.

This position requires a high level of specialized training and certification, including latent fingerprint examination and identification. The technician is especially active in the fingerprinting of children for emergency identification purposes, participating in numerous community events throughout the year.

Meet the Team:

Det. Amanda Chambers (Forensics)
Phone: (352) 521-1495
Email: achambers@dadecityfl.com

Diana Surratt (Crime Scene Investigator) P/T
Phone: (352) 521-1495
Email: dsurratt@dadecityfl.com

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