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Emergency 911

Leadership 352-521-1495 ~ Communications 352-521-1490 ~ Operations 352-521-1493

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All listings (352) 521-1495  
Chief of Police James E. Walters
Lieutenant of Operations William C. Rowe
Lieutenant of Administration Brian A. Uppercue
Executive Assistant to the Chief Terri P. Reed


All listings (352) 521-1495  
Records Karen Gordon

Uniform Operations

All listings (352) 521-1493  
Sergeant Leroy T. Harrelson
Officer Kris Davis
Officer Jesse Barnes
Officer Tyler Deliberti
Sergeant Robert Shireman
Officer Troy Fulford
Officer William Watson
Officer William Emery
Sergeant Lorenzo Moreno
Officer Miguel Velez
Officer Terrence Caselnova
Sergeant Robert Tungate
Officer Jose Felix
Officer Brandon Ayers

Criminal Investigation Division

All listings (352) 521-1495
Detective George Richardson
Detective Amanda Chambers
Crime Analyst Vacant

Property / Evidence

(352) 521-1495
Detective Peter J. Emerson
Crime Scene Tech Diana Surratt

School Resource Officers

All listings (352) 521-1493
SRO, Pasco Middle School
(352) 524-8400
Dean Baldwin
SRO, Pasco High School
(352) 524-5500
Brian McDougal


(352) 521-1493
Officer Kevin Burns

Communications Division

All listings (352) 521-1490
Public Safety Information Coordinator Shane Kaszuba  
Full Time Operator Vacant  
Full Time Operator Rolando Reyes  
Full Time Operator Gail Burkett  
Full Time Operator Leeanna Clark   
Part Time Time Operator Jacob Burke  
Part Time Time Operator Kenneth Bryant   

School Crossing Guards

School Crossing Guard  Patricia Deleo
School Crossing Guard  Mary Roberts
School Crossing Guard  Ana Aguirre


Volunteer                                              Vacant                            



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