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Email: Chief Ray Velboom
Bio Chief Ray Velboom

The Chief of Police serves as the chief executive of the Dade City Police Department and is responsible for its day-to-day operations.

The position is also responsible for preparing the Department's annual budget. As Department head, the Chief is required to attend weekly staff meetings, bimonthly city commission meetings and events throughout the year.

The Chief also functions as the Department's official liaison with various community groups, media outlets and law enforcement entities.


Police Captain

Email: Vacant

The Dade City Police Department employs one Captain who is second in command of the Department.

The Captain oversees Uniform Patrol, Communications and Records, and is responsible for scheduling the patrol officers and sergeants. The Captain is also in charge of procurement and fleet maintenance operations and assists the Chief of Police in preparing and implementing the annual budget. The Captain is also responsible for covering any open shifts in patrol or communications that may not be otherwise filled.



Administrative Sergeant
Email: Sergeant James Walters
Bio Sergeant James Walters

The Dade City Police Department employs one Administrative Sergeant who is third in command of the Department.

The Administrative Sergeant's main responsibility is supervision of the Detectives, School Resource Officers and K-9 program. The position also requires the employee to supervise major crime scenes, assisting detectives when needed.

The Administrative Sergeant conducts all internal affairs investigations; writes, tracks, and manages grants; and supports the annual budget preparation process. The position is also responsible for maintaining training for the Dade City Police Department, and is state certified as a general and high liability instructor.

The Administrative Sergeant also serves as chairman of the Police Officers Retirement Board and is required to attend quarterly board meetings.



Executive Assistant to the Chief
Email: Terri Reed
Bio Terri Reed

The Dade City Police Department employs one Executive Assistant who works directly for the Chief of Police, assisting with the coordination of all administrative functions of the Police Department.

The position performs complex and responsible administrative work, including functions associated with budget maintenance and expenditure control, communications, records and personnel. She also serves as Security Awareness and DAVID System Coordinator. The Executive Assistant prepares and composes training records of sworn police officers required to meet Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) standards and regulations.


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