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The Uniform Patrol Division is the backbone of the Dade City Police Department and falls under the supervision of the Lieutenant of Police Operations. The Division has four patrol shifts, each shift under the direct supervision of a Patrol Sergeant. The Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with highly visible patrols throughout the city. Patrols are accomplished utilizing marked and unmarked vehicles, bicycle patrol, foot patrol and environmentally-friendly electric vehicle patrol.

The highly trained men and women of the Uniform Patrol Division are responsible for the immediate response to all calls for service, including life threatening incidents and major crimes. The Patrol Division takes a proactive, community-oriented outlook on performing its duty to preserve peace and protect life and property.

Uniform patrol personnel are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that include answering calls for service, proactive street patrol, the prevention and detection of criminal activity, investigating crimes, enforcement of laws, the arrest and prosecution of criminals, community policing, traffic enforcement and medical first responders.

The Uniform Patrol Division is dedicated to improving the quality of life and to serve the citizens, business owners and visitors of Dade City.

Patrol Sergeants

The Dade City Police Department has four patrol sergeants. They are responsible for supervising a patrol shift consisting of two or three officers, depending upon staffing levels for each respective shift.

Patrol sergeants conduct read-off at the start of each shift, including information on specific subjects and/or criminal activities to be on the lookout for, training, and administrative notices. They also handle calls for service when patrol officers are unavailable.

All patrol sergeants are certified by the State of Florida as instructors in general topics as well as high liability areas and conduct in-service training classes for the officers assigned to them. They also conduct annual training for the department and other local area departments requesting our assistance.

Police Officers

The Dade City Police Department has full time and part-time police officers assigned to the uniform patrol division. All officers work 12-hour shifts with rotating days off. Part-time officers are used to supplement shift coverage as needed.

The responsibility of the police officer is to answer all calls for service, including investigation of misdemeanor complaints and initial investigation of felony complaints, directing traffic and investigation of traffic crashes, enforcing city ordinances, and the protection of life and property.

Police officers are the most visible representatives of the department and, often times, the city as a whole. Officers present a visible presence and visual deterrence to crime at many city-sponsored events throughout the year.

Meet the Teams:

Sergeant Leroy T. Harrelson
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: tharrelson@dadecityfl.com

Officer Jose Felix
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: jfelix@dadecityfl.com

Officer Terrence Caselnova
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: tcaselnova@dadecityfl.com

Officer William Watson (Split)
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: wwatson@dadecityfl.com

Sergeant Robert Shireman
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: rshireman@dadecityfl.com

Officer Miguel Velez
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email:  mvelez@dadecityfl.com

Officer Ronny Rivera
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: rrivera@dadecityfl.com

Officer Michael Midolo (Split)
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: mmidolo@dadecityfl.com

Sergeant Lorenzo Moreno
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: lmoreno@dadecityfl.com

Officer Christopher Amatruda
Phone: (352)521-1493
Email: camatruda@dadecityfl.com

Officer Devon Greenwald
Phone: (352)521-1493
Email: dgreenwald@dadecityfl.com

Sergeant Robert Tungate
Phone: (352-521-1493
Email: rtungate@dadecityfl.com

Officer William Emery 
Phone: (352-521-1493
Email: wemery@dadecityfl.com

Officer Jesse Barnes
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: jbarnes@dadecityfl.com

K-9 Officer Kevin Burns
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: kburns@dadecityfl.com

Part-Time Police Officers


Reserve Police Officers

The Dade City Police Department has a reserve officer unit that operates in a volunteer capacity. They assist the department by riding with full or part-time officers, increasing staff without creating additional cost.

Reserve officers are utilized mainly at special events occurring throughout the year. These include Kumquat Festival, Church Street Christmas, Christmas Stroll, and Pasco High School home football games among others.

Meet the Team:

Captain Karin May, D.B.A
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: karin.may@saintleo.edu

Officer Robert J. Cabot, Ph.D.
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: rjc8600@aol.com

Officer Charles May
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: cmay84@hotmail.com

Officer Brian McDougal
Phone: (352) 521-1493
Email: bmcdougal@dadecityfl.com

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