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2017-2018 CRA Report - Click here to view
2016-2017 CRA Report - Click here to view

NEW UPDATE!!!  Community Redevelopment Plan Update - click here for survey

As part of our continued commitment to improve the historical downtown Dade City and the Community Redevelopment Area, we  are embarking on an update of the downtown community redevelopment plan.   We are very interested in knowing what you think about our downtown.  Included in this effort, the City and its consultant S&ME Inc. have developed a survey as a way to gather input about Dade City’s downtown.  We invite and encourage you to spend a few minutes and take our CRA Plan update survey.  Please follow this link and thank you very much!

Community Redevelopment Agency

Michael Sherman
, AICP, Community Development

CRA Director/Registered Agent
38020 Meridian Avenue                      
Dade City, Florida 33525

CRA Board Members
38020 Meridian Avenue                      
Dade City, Florida 33525
Honorable Camille Hernandez, Chair      
Eunice Penix, Vice Chair
Scott Black, Member                                                                       
Nicole Deese Newlon, Member
James Shive, Member

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CRA BUDGET FY 2016-2017

CRA Documents

Important links relating to CRA's and Special Districts

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created by the Dade City Commission, pursuant to Chapter 163, Part III, F.S. in November of 1996 to guide and provide direct assistance in the revitalization and redevelopment of the traditional downtown.  The public purpose and intent of the establishment of a Community Redevelopment Agency is to eliminate blight, create a sustainable downtown, encourage economic growth and development, improve the attractiveness and the create a feeling of "place" and to create the  downtown as a destination point and improve the quality of life for the entire Dade City community.   

Dade City's redevelopment services are designed to address and eliminate the underlying problems of blighted conditions through planning, redevelopment, direct investment, historic preservation, economic development and affordable housing.   We do this so that the tax base can be protected and enhanced by these mutually supportive activities. The activities and programs offered within the redevelopment district are administered by the Dade City Commission, acting in their capacity as the Community Redevelopment Agency, an Independent Special District. The Board has certain powers that the City or County Commission by itself may not do, such as the establishment of tax increment financing, and leveraging local public funds with private dollars to assist in the funding of redevelopment projects and the elimination of blight.    The CRA adopts the annual report after the end of every fiscal year and sends the report to Pasco County and the State of Florida, Department of Economic Opportunity with an overview of the previous fiscal year's activities and expenditures in the Community Redevelopment Area. The CRA Board is subject to the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees adopted by the Florida Legislature as Part of Chapter 112, F.S.


CRA GRANT PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

To assist in the elimination of blight and to increase the tax base of the redevelopment district, the CRA Board has created 3 grant programs for properties and buildings located within the boundaries of the CRA.   The grants available for property owners includes, the Building Exterior grant, Signage grant and Paving/Repaving Grant program.  For more information on the CRA Grant Programs, please follow the links below:

Building Exterior Grant Program

Signage Grant Program

Paving/Repaving Grant Program

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