Dade City, FL

School Resource Officers

The Dade City Police Department has two full-time school resource officers. One officer is assigned to Pasco High School; another is assigned to Pasco Middle School. Both SRO's work directly under the supervision of the Operations Captain,  William C. Rowe

Each officer is responsible for all police-related activity at their assigned school, including any and all criminal investigations that occur on school grounds. They work closely with school officials to ensure the day-to-day safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors. They also conduct classroom instruction on Florida law and the G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training) program.

When school is not in session, the officers are assigned to the patrol division for increased levels of police presence and availability, often conducting foot patrols in the downtown area and south-end business district.

Meet the team:

Officer Gabriel Demott
SRO, Pasco Middle School
Phone: (352) 524-8400

Officer Peter Emerson
SRO, Pasco High School
Phone: (352) 524-5500

School Crossing Guards

The Dade City Police Department has three part-time school crossing guards under the supervision of the Operations Captain. Each individual undergoes a formal training program conducted by the department to be certified as a school crossing guard by the State of Florida. The school crossing guards all work directly under the supervision of Operations Captain,  William C. Rowe

Crossing guards are assigned specific areas of responsibility at predetermined traffic intersections located in close proximity to our schools. They assist with the safe and orderly crossing of students and parents or guardians to and from school at the beginning and end of each school day.

Meet the team:

School Crossing Guards
Phone: (352) 521-1495

  • SCG. Patricia Deleo 
  • SCG. Paul Urban
  • SCG. Lissa Timmons