Dade City, FL


What is a Stormwater Utility? 
A Stormwater Utility is a special entity set up to provide funding that is used specifically for stormwater management. It is a dedicated service unit  within the City government which provides revenues through fees for service (or user fees). With a Stormwater Utility, users of the stormwater system pay for stormwater management in direct relation to the demand placed on the stormwater system by their parcel of land, not the taxable value of the parcel. The City of Dade City is committed to protecting the community and its waterways through sound planning, construction, repair, and improvement of drainage and flood control systems. A Stormwater Utility makes this goal a reality, as well as allows the City to meet state and federally‐mandated regulations for discharging stormwater.

Stormwater Guide
Stormwater Guide

Stormwater Utility Goals
  • Fund a Stormwater Management Program to comply with State and Federal Regulations
  • Effectively operate and maintain piping, pumps, ditches, culverts, inlets and other stormwater infrastructure
  • Provide funding for capital projects to improve the city’s level of service for flooding and water quality discharges
Stormwater Rate Methodology
  • The stormwater rate is based on the average amount of impervious surface on a single family residence.  This is defined as an “Equivalent Residential Unit” or ERU.
  • For a single family residence, the fee is a flat rate of one ERU equal to $45.
The utility rate for non‐residentially developed property would be the ERU rate multiplied by the numerical factor obtained by dividing the total impervious area of a non‐residentially developed property by the amount of square footage of impervious area for one ERU.

The complete Ordinance outlining the Stormwater Utility may be found here. 

Rate Exemptions
  •  Railroads –Rails, ties, and ballast are exempt from the fee.  However, railroad stations, maintenance buildings, or other developed land would not be exempt.
  • Public Roads including Federal, State, County, and City.
  • Open water
Fee Credits 
Credits are available for properties that enhance detention or retention of stormwater runoff.  A maximum of 85% of  the fee can be reduced by credits. 
The process for applying is outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual.  The following is required to submit for a credit:
  • Engineering analysis required
  • Maintenance agreement on stormwater system
  • Right of entry to inspect
  • Credit renewal every two years
Forms, Instructions and Checklists to apply for a credit or adjustment may be found in the Stormwater Utility Policy and Procedures Manual